Module I - River Monitoring

New monitoring methods such as Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry, Radiotracer, Multibeam Echosounder and shear stress plates will be combined, further developed and applied, in order to improve the understanding of river processes, the calibration and validation of mathematical models and monitoring programs and the optimisation for practical usage by UWITEC and via donau.

Module II - River Modelling

Multidimensional mathematical models will be planned and designed for simulating hydrodynamics, sediment transport, river morphodynamics as well as ecological processes through habitat modelling for later use in river engineering projects by via donau. Thereby data from Module 1 form the basis for model calibration and validation and the results enter Module III.

Module III - River Engineering and Management

The development and implementation of advanced river engineering measures are based on monitoring (Module I) and modelling (Module II) results and rely on an improved process understanding. By the realization of the optimized measures via donau will be contributing significantly to the economic development along the Danube river as international waterway as well as to the improvement of the ecological status.

Module IV - Hydropower


By the implementation of the new module - Module 4 "Hydropower" input from research in the field of energy and environment can be given providing an important contribution to strengthen the companies' success on the energy market, whilst improving both, sustainability and competitiveness.

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